The center provides modern and suitable facilities for training on cadavers, academic teaching, and research such as:


The lecture room can accommodate up to forty people and can also broadcast audio and video during lectures to the cadaveric surgical training room.


The cadaveric surgical training room has space for up to eight workstations. Each workstation is equipped with a video monitor and a modern technology system for easy communication between the lecture room and the cadaveric surgical training room throughout the practical period. In addition, it can also be broadcast with VDO conferences or teleconferences via a clear screen and modern technology with other countries.


The changing rooms are available for men and women to change into their scrubs before training. These rooms have wardrobes and lockers for storing their personal clothing and belongings. Moreover, there are the clean toilet facilities, which are available for both men and women.


The common room is a place where the participants can take a break, have some breakfast and lunch, and rest anytime during training.


There are the medical equipment storage room for storing medical equipment and the medical

tools washing room for washing and cleaning medical tools used in the training.